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Let's Work Together to Build a Better Food System

Transforming our food system is one of the most impactful things we can do to create healthy communities, address climate change, and regenerate our natural environment. To build a food system that meets the needs of everyone, we need to understand how white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism have created the inequities many community members experience today.

The Guelph Wellington Charter for Food Justice shines a spotlight on the complex, interconnected and often-invisible barriers inherent in our current food system, and unites our vision for the future. The process of co-creating a Food Charter brings people together to articulate a new vision—and new set of values—to spark a transformational food movement in our region.

Support the vision by reading & signing the Charter

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“Charters have a unique power. Posted on the wall in a classroom or in a government office, this documents reminds us all, that no matter what our religion or political position or identity, it states a fundamental set of values and principles that we all believe in, and can get behind."

Karen Houle

""I am happy to support the collaboration that this charter represents and the momentum towards increased equitable food access that it has the potential to create. Food affects us all in some way and being united about how we view and approach issues surrounding it matters now more than ever.""

Pauline Cripps

"As a Guelph resident, I feel proud to sign the Food Charter and show my support for this initiative. It is so inspiring to see community members and organizations join forces for the sake of food equity and justice. 1 in 8 are food insecure in Guelph-wellington households and 67% of food is wasted each year in Canada... If there was a time to reevaluate and reimagine our current food system, it would be now! "

Noura Saylany

"On behalf of the North End Harvest Market - we are supporting the charter.  The new charter has been made more community friendly and has taken into consideration - those living in poverty being able to understand and use as a guide for their better quality of life."

Barb McPhee

"Lack of regular access to nutritious, affordable food is a serious problem for many people from various population groups and communities. The Guelph Food Charter is a crucial first step in publicly acknowledging the problem and initiating responsible dialogue on how to address it. Now we must sustain the effort and build on the Charter to achieve food justice!"

Winston Husbands

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Why Do I Support the Charter?

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